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Welcome to a unique perspective of your life

You are an awesome human being.
You are not your body and your mind.
You are a Spirit currently occupying a body with a mind on your current visit to the Earth plane.
You are an eternal Spirit who is a Part of the Source of Creation, some call God, Oneness, The Universe, Jehovah and some 70 other labels in the Bible alone.
You are a Part of the Light and Love that comprises this Source of Creation.

Now you know why We say you are an awesome human being.
In essence, you are Energy and you resonate as a Vibration.
This Vibration has slowed down substantially from when you were in Spirit
to enable your Soul to enter your physical body on the earth plane.

You are Light and Love and if you don’t feel like that then please
allow Us to help you recover your true Self – the awesome human being you really are. comprises the below mentioned 6 free e-books to guide you to see the correct perspective of who you/You really are and to return you to your inherent position as Love and Light as you deal with yourself and those you interact with daily. The end result is a frictionless life where Love and Light grease your wheels as you travel through the ups and downs of living a life on earth. You will still know heartache and happiness as the pendulum of life continually swings both ways but its how you choose to react and respond in Love and in Light that will make the rest of your life a much more enjoyable experience. That’s enough of the chatter let’s get on with it!

Begin your journey

Making a start on

We recommend that you initially read through the Book of Universal Spirit Laws to give you a foundation for the other five books. Thereafter the order will be determined by you in reaching for the next Book and the relevant chapter that you may need at that time. Whenever you want to switch to to get some practical “How To” guidance please do so - all the 12 books on both websites are for free as e-books. Much growth lies ahead for you so let’s begin with a prayer that the Channel lives by:

"God will give me what I need when I need it for the highest growth of my soul. God’s timing is always perfect. Trust God now and be Godlike. Amen."

The Book Of Evolving Relationships

Your visit to this plane of existence you call earth is to experience the physical. This takes courage.
In Spirit there are no boundaries, no limitations and no physicality. On this physical plane called earth you are here to heal, to grow and to evolve. You have contracted at Soul level to be here, with other Souls, Souls which inhabit physical bodies, so you can play out your various Soul contracts in various relationships. By healing “past/parallel/future” lives’ issues you need to relate to various people (Souls within bodies). These people, with whom you relate, in your relationships are, like you, Souls within bodies. All of you have agreed to choose to play out various roles in terms of your various Soul contracts.

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The Book of Inner Peace

Inner Peace is Who You Are. It is your birthright. By separating from The Oneness that We all are, Us here on the Spirit Plane, and all of you on the Earth Plane, all are part of The One, sometimes called God. By feeling apart, by feeling separate, your Inner Peace is disturbed.

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The Book of Life Skills

Creating Miracles

Day to day issues occur. People tend to repeat repetitive patterns and limited growth occurs when, as the saying goes, when all you have is a hammer you see every problem as a nail!

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Who is GuideSpeak?

Spirit Guides

We surround you as you journey through your existence on the earth’s plane. We are non-judgmental, non-manipulative and non-controlling. We do not interfere with your free choice, your free will. We support you with love, light, healing, growth, and evolvement.
We are here to help you understand life’s lessons as We give you understanding of joy, wonder, Light and Love. The guidance We provide is optional. It is additional information that you can choose to use, or not to use. Invariably it is a different perspective as We see “the Bigger Picture” which is not seen from the earth’s plane.

You have freedom to accept it, ignore it, or reject it.

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We initially connected with a person going through a devastating period of his life as his 18 year old marriage was shattered by certain revelations in July 2004. Because of his spiritual faith he chose a spiritual approach as a solution within hours of hearing of these revelations.
We identified that he would be a good Channel to communicate with and through when required to evidence certain truths to the other parties involved within his family and wider environs.

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