The Book of Life Skills

Creating Miracles

Day to day issues occur. People tend to repeat repetitive patterns and limited growth occurs when, as the saying goes, when all you have is a hammer you see every problem as a nail!

By changing perspective and learning to come from Love, not coming from Ego, miracles in daily life can occur. More importantly you can create your own miracles!
By coming from Love, from respect, from trust, from vulnerability, from compassion, from understanding, from empathy, “in essence” coming from Love, you can create your own miracles.

After all you are Part of God and you currently believe all miracles come from God. Now use the Part of God that you are, your Soul, the Love inside of You, to come from that Love and watch the miracles occur in your life as you co- create your life with God.

MIRACLEMay I Recognize A Conscious Light Evolving

This section of Life Skills is to illustrate to you how you can come from Love in day to day issues by thinking, acting, doing and saying “What Would Love Do Now?”

The topics are not in any order and will be added to from time to time. If you have created the foundation by reading through other topics on this website then the Life Skills should be easier to implement.

Table Of Contents

1. Rejection Or Acceptance Of Love
2. Your Journey This Lifetime – A Victim Or A Victor?
3. First Your Needs Then Theirs
4. Relationship Responsibility
5. Change Your Perspective To Improve Your Life
6. Stand Tall And Proud
7. Are You Reacting Or Responding
8. Where Do Your Feelings Go
9. Being Out Of Your Mind Successfully
10. The Day Of Inter-Dependence – July 4
11. Release It In Love Of You
12. Our Friendship
13. The Love Of Us
14. Resolving Conflict Via Soul Level Approach
15. Giving And Receiving – The Bigger Picture
16. Simply Be
17. It Only Happens In The Now
18. Avoiding Anxiety – Learning To Stay In The Now
19. In Praise Of The Gentler Gender
20. Criticism – The Unfairest Cut Of All
21. Come To My Party
22. Change Threat Or Opportunity
23. Accepting Rejection
24. A Letter To A Mother
25. Letting Go Of Anger
26. The Unconditional Love Of Pets
27. The Ultimate And Complete Forgiveness You Seek
28. Are You Available To Be Loved?
29. People Are Like Icebergs
30. Caring But Without Contamination
31. Who Are You Really Mad At?
32. Confusing Loyalty With Integrity
33. Moving Away From Jealousy
34. Courage To Stand In Your Integrity
35. Searching For Love In All The Wrong Places
36. Not Enough Money
37. Who Is It You Can’t Trust?
38. Losing Your Temper
39. What Are Your Greatest Fears?
40. Why Am I So Competitive?
41. A Message For Valentine’s Day
42. Learning To Trust
43. Spiritual Weight Loss
44. C’mon Kids Join The Respect Revolution
45. You No Longer Need The Security Of Past Conditioning
46. Enthusiasm The Missing Ingredient
47. Unconditional Acceptance The Key To Love
48. Respect The Only Boundary In Behaviour
49. Children Learning Boundaries Of Acceptable Behaviour
50. Are You A Spider or a Fly?
51. Accepting Your New Reality
52. Are You Circling Or Spiralling?
53. The Only Real Meaning Something Has

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