Spirit Guides

We surround you as you journey through your existence on the earth’s plane. We are non-judgmental, non-manipulative and non-controlling. We do not interfere with your free choice, your free will. We support you with love, light, healing, growth, and evolvement.
We are here to help you understand life’s lessons as We give you understanding of joy, wonder, Light and Love. The guidance We provide is optional. It is additional information that you can choose to use, or not to use. Invariably it is a different perspective as We see “the Bigger Picture” which is not seen from the earth’s plane.

You have freedom to accept it, ignore it, or reject it.

You are responsible for your own life, the decisions you make and the path you take.

We are here for the asking.

You can communicate with Us – through your feelings. Feelings are the language of your Soul.

We use the “royal We” not to illustrate Our non-existent superiority but merely to signify that you are not only you on this earth’s plane but there are many You’s, at Soul level, in many “past/parallel/future lives”. (In reality there is only Now but more of that later on.)
The larger part of You remains in Spirit eternally and a smaller part of you has entered your physical body as a Soul.
It is to that larger part of You in Spirit that you can connect to for guidance. It is sometimes called your Higher Self. This larger part of You is also a part of the Source of all Creation and so your accessing your Higher Self automatically connects you to Everything and Everyone in Spirit. The right guidance Providers in Spirit come forth to help you timeously as and when you need their specialized knowledge and abilities. (Of course, timeously is a foreign concept to Us but more of that later!)

We reflect that plurality in Our many dimensions. One day you will realize how truly powerful You really are. After all, You are part of the Source of Creation, or God if you prefer, as We all are.

We are all One – We are all part of the One Source – God – whatever your perception of God is. We know and experience God as Love and Light and as We, including You, are part of God, so You are Love and Light as We are, as God is.

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