The Book of Understanding Animal Spirits

We are honored that you have joined Us in this present moment of now to explore, and comprehend, a very basic truth – “We are all One”.

Spirit, God, or whatever name resonates with you, describes The One We are all part of.

The One has many faces. The One has a human face, an animal face, a bird’s face, an insect’s face, a flower’s face, a tree’s face, a plant’s face, and so on.

The One is often described as Nature. Nature is an acceptable name for now.

We Are All Part of Nature

All of you, on the earth’s plane, are part of Nature. The air that you breathe goes to trees, plants and flowers and is returned back to you from that part of Nature. The mosquito that bites your arm to suck your blood becomes a part of you and you become a part of it. The vegetables, plants, insects, birds, fish, animals that you eat become a part of you. Your waste products become fertilizer to make vegetables, plants, livestock feed, and so on, grow, so the very things you eat can feed upon them, and so the recycling of Nature goes on and on.

You are part human, part animal, part bird, part fish, part insect, part tree, part flower, part plant, part vegetable, part fruit, part grass, part of The One, which We call Nature, for now.

If you consider that you need honor and respect for yourself from yourself, and from others, then are you equally prepared to give honor and respect to, yourself, others in human form, and, most importantly, others representing Nature, in all Its forms?

If you truly honor and respect Nature in all Its forms then giving awareness and consciousness to all of Nature is a good starting point for this journey.

Honoring and respecting Nature consciously in awareness means thanking, and blessing, the parts of Nature as they assist you in your existence, moment by moment.

You and Nature Combine

When you go to sleep on a pillow filled with feathers, and you awake to drink tea, coffee, orange juice, have a piece of toast with honey or jam, perhaps have an egg, grab your leather coat as you rush out the door, climb into your steel, leather, plastic, iron, composite, motorcar, using petro-chemical fuel dug out of the earth and go to school, work, play, you and Nature are combining and intertwining.

Perhaps it’s time to acknowledge with honor and respect that which you interact with, moment by moment, that which comes from Nature, from The One, of which you are a Part.

So now, you have a greater understanding and comprehension of the fact that you are Part of The One, Nature, as We have chosen to name It, for now.

So too are you brothers and sisters to the animals, birds, fish, insects, flowers, trees, mammals and so on.

However, unlike you, these animals, to use an all embracing term, have remained part of the natural rhythm of Nature, its birth, growth, survival and death. This Nature is natural, not artificial, as most humans have become. The animals speak to you as the Nature/natural part of you. If you lived in a totally natural state, in say, the jungles of the Amazon forest, then you would not live artificially but you would be “back to nature”.

You would then know that your very co-existence, survival and growth in this jungle would be totally dependent on your adaptability to Nature’s rhythm. When animals, birds, fish, insects, plants, trees, vegetables “spoke” to you, you would know and understand their “message”, aware that making it through the jungle in that moment is wholly dependent on their “messages” to you and your interpretations of these messages.

Listen to the Messages Sent by Nature

The “messages” from Nature are also applicable in your artificial existence as a human. However, it is difficult for Nature to get through to you in your concrete, glass, steel, wooden cages you live in now. Human created barriers invariably block nature’s natural rhythm. When Nature does manage to get through to you, It is pasteurized, homogenized, insectecided, etc., out of existence. However, Nature is persistent and never stops its natural flow of rhythms to get its messages to you.

As a human being, your balance in Nature needs restoring. You need to feel the part of Nature you really are. You are always encouraged to go for a walk, a bicycle ride, a jog, play golf, bowls, outdoor sports and hobbies, climb a mountain, ford a stream, and follow every rainbow until you find your dream! Do whatever you want or need to do but, please do it in Nature and with nature. Restore your natural balance with Nature. Return to your roots, literally and figuratively.

You are a part of Nature.

Nature sends you messages, sometimes, from animals, birds, fish, insects, mammals, etc.

These messages can be interpreted as encouragement, understanding, reminders and occasionally “strong, swift kicks in the posterior” to get you moving in a certain direction in your life’s journey.

When these animals, birds, fish, insects, mammals, etc., come into your life it is important to explore, understand and comprehend the meaning it has for you – and for you to decide on a plan of action to take to grow and evolve spiritually.

We have worked with numerous Souls on the earth’s plane who have developed special skills in determining the interpretations of these “animals” and the language and messages they portray. We have instructed the “Channel” to utilize resources available to assist in interpreting these “animal tongues” as well as giving the “Channel” greater understanding of the interpretations of these “messages” from the animal, bird, fish, insect, mammal, etc. as they relate to human beings.

A word of caution, do not judge these animals on the messages they bring simply because an animal does not seem “great”. Do not prefer one that makes you feel good. Each animal is unique and has a unique message for you. If this animal has come into your space, then do not judge it, but accept it, surrender to it and take the message it has brought to you to heart.

We trust that these “messages” will bring you closer to Nature, your natural state and enable you to interpret these messages for your healing, growth and further enlightenment.

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