The Book Of Evolving Relationships

Your visit to this plane of existence you call earth is to experience the physical. This takes courage.
In Spirit there are no boundaries, no limitations and no physicality. On this physical plane called earth you are here to heal, to grow and to evolve. You have contracted at Soul level to be here, with other Souls, Souls which inhabit physical bodies, so you can play out your various Soul contracts in various relationships. By healing “past/parallel/future” lives’ issues you need to relate to various people (Souls within bodies). These people, with whom you relate, in your relationships are, like you, Souls within bodies. All of you have agreed to choose to play out various roles in terms of your various Soul contracts.

These roles of choice include mother, father, sibling, relative, friend, teacher, fellow pupils, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, husband, wife, child, grandchild, grandparent, etc., etc. Included in these roles are best friends, so called “Soul Mates” (actually everyone is a Soul Mate), enemies, murderers, rapists, adulterers, thieves, gentle people, loving people, fearful people, giving people, caring people, healers, sinners and saints, to name a few.

Every Soul comes from Light and is energy. While in the physical, the Souls learn about Ego and Ego infiltrates Soul. In the context We use Ego it is best defined as “Edging God Out”. In this context, Ego is negative, it is egotistical and it is darkness.

The healing process involves moving from Ego to Soul for Soul to reclaim its rightful place of being Light in the body. Once the Light has emerged, the Soul has started its reclamation process. The continual process bringing more Soul, more Light, into play allows the body to heal, to grow and to evolve.

This relationship with other people (Souls with bodies) can sometimes be a mirror relationship. This is where people exhibit behavior that you exhibit now, or have in a “past/parallel/future” life. This mirror enables you to see, invariably, your Ego at work reflected by others. By changing your “ways” and “improving yourself” – inevitably achieved by coming from Soul/Love, not Ego/Fear – this mirror enables you to heal, to grow and to evolve more into the Light.

This journey of your life on earth is your choice to go on a path to find your worthiness as you involve yourself with others in various relationships.

However, We, your Guides, are non-judgmental, non-manipulative and non-controlling. We are here for you to call upon Us. Soul will always give you what you need – not necessarily what you want – that’s Ego’s role.

Nevertheless, you always have freedom of choice – your Soul Contracts notwithstanding. If you don’t achieve your Soul Contracts through your freedom of choice, you simply return to this plane you know as earth, at another time, to attempt to complete that healing process.

It takes courage to be in the physical and We admire you all greatly for that. We are here to guide you to heal, to grow and to evolve – in Love and in Light.

These 49 lessons, as Chapters in the Book, given through this Channel, should help you understand the role of Ego and Soul in your relationships as you heal, grow and evolve.

Table Of Contents

1. 13 Questions To Ask If You Wish To Resolve Your Relationship With a Meaningful Other
2. Worthy Of Love?
3. Do Not Give It a Life
4. Rage In A Relationship
5. Mood Swings In a Relationship
6. Who Is Your Moses
7. Where Does Fear Come From?
8. Betrayal Of Trust – You Are Not A Victim
9. Are You Worthy?
10. The Meaning Of Chocolate Cake – Understanding Conflict Resolution
11. Mother’s Day – You Choose Your Mother At Soul Level
12. Fathers Day – You Chose Your Father At A Soul Level
13. The Face In The Picture
14. Be Still And Know That I Am God
15. Everything You Need Is Inside Of You
16. Marriages Are For Growth Not For Happiness
17. I’ll Never Find Another Love Like That
18. Perspective Is Required In Resolving Personal, Emotional Relationship Issues
19. Was That An Angel?
20. The Journey Of Your Life – Part I
21. The Journey Of Your Life – Part II
22. The Journey Towards Worthiness
23. If You Need To Be Right – What’s Wrong?
24. Changing Your Belief System About You
25. Betrayal – The Healing Process
26. Who Controls Your Spotlight
27. Moving From Ego To Soul
28. Desperate Housewives Revisited
29. Respect – The Missing Ingredient
30. Hearing With Your Soul
31. Lucky To Be In A Wheelchair?
32. Is Your Spouse A Devil Or An Angel
33. Happy Birthday! Would You Like Some Presents?
34. The Little Bubble
35. Respect And Reverence For Age
36. On The Side Of Healing
37. You Can Only Heal What You Feel
38. Losing Or Gaining?
39. Vulnerability Is Your Greatest Strength
40. An Attitude Of Gratitude
41. Next Customer Please
42. I Can C Clearly Now
43. The See-Saw Of Balance
44. Simply Shift From Alone To All One
45. You Are GREAT!
46. The Three Commitments To Yourself – No.1 Trust In The Process
47. The Three Commitments To Yourself – No.2 Stay In The Now
48. The Three Commitments To Yourself – No.3 Be Love
49. Who Are You In A Relationship With?

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