47. Unconditional Acceptance The Key To Love

We do not ask you to take a leap of faith in a relationship and give your significant other immediate unconditional love. We would like you to start by giving acceptance first.

Now please clearly understand that every relationship is a relationship with yourself, firstly, mirrored by the significant other. After you have accepted yourself, unconditionally, then, secondly, you can give acceptance to them of what, and who, and when, and how, they are.

After you have fully accepted all of them then you can move to unconditionally accepting them, and yourself. Then you look around, inside, outside, on top, at the bottom, on the sides, and hey presto, as the songs goes: Love is all around!

Love will evolve automatically when unconditional acceptance of yourself, and others, is manifested in your thoughts, your actions, your words and your deeds.

With unconditional acceptance, you become the embodiment of What would love do now?

So what is acceptance?

Acceptance is what We are. No judgment, no control, no manipulation, simply Being Love.

Do not judge anything. When you see The Bigger Picture one day, you will understand that everything is perfect. Everyone, everything, every moment is in perfect balance of where you are now.

If you wish to change your current circumstances for better or for worse then picture yourself on a see-saw in a playground. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. If you want to go higher then, in the duality in which you live in the physical, someone, or something, will present themselves/itself to you as your counter balance. This person, or thing, will present itself in your space as they go lower on the see-saw of the balance of your life enabling you to go higher.

This mirror in your sacred space will probably be represented by something unpleasant. Do not judge it as unpleasant. Do not judge it at all.

It is perfect!

It is perfect in its presentation as the mirror of your counter-balance on the see-saw of your life. Without it pulling the see-saw down you could not go up!

Thank you for being present now in my life, you are a GIFT God In Forever Time.

I will not judge you, I will accept you fully.

Thank you for coming into my sacred space with your so-called bad intentions, thoughts, words, deeds, actions. I once saw you as an ugly person/thing damaging me irreparably. I once saw myself as a victim and you as the perpetrator. Now I see clearly that I called you into my sacred space, at some subconscious level I do not quite understand, to enable you to be ugly so I could go higher, evolve higher, through this experience.

If you had not presented your ugliness to me on the perfectly balanced see-saw of my life I would not be able to reach these new heights. Now I know why opposites attract in magnetic fields. Everything is in perfect balance always in my life.

I will not judge anything anymore. I will accept that whatever comes into my sacred space in every present moment of now is a gift being presented to me for my continued growth in wellness. WELL Wonder In Light Love.

So much for when something ugly comes into your sacred space. What needs acceptance when something wonderful comes into your sacred space as a gift? Where is the balance on your perfectly balanced see-saw of life now?

Back We go to the see-saw in the playground. You are waiting at the see-saw to see who/what presents him/herself as a gift in this new, current, present moment of now.

Look here comes a pretty girl, in a pretty pink dress, full of love, hope, abundance, laughter, gaiety, skipping and hopping towards you. Pure love is your new gift. This little girl gets on the see-saw and you go down and she goes up.

When you are presented with this new love, mirrored in your life, you can accept it, without judging it. You are entitled to become this new love. You no longer have to accept your previous reality that you were not deserving of love.

Accept the present moment of now, the gift of love being presented to you in your sacred space now. Accept this love, do not judge it. Do not question whether you are worthy of it, or not. Simply accept what is being presented to you.

Be like free flowing water accepting no limitations, flowing over all obstacles as it rushes to join the ocean, from whence it came.

If you are already radiating love and the little girl in the pink frilly dress, full of love, gets on your see-saw of balance, fully accept that you can handle even more love. Love is infinite, love is unlimited, love is abundant, God is love, God is infinite, God is unlimited, God is abundant.

When you acknowledge whatever gift is presented to you simply accept it, do not judge it, simply surrender to this new reality in your present moment of now.

In time you will realize that everything happens for the best that is the best in relation to the growth and enlightenment of your Soul, not your Ego, as you learn to go from Fear towards Being Love, always and all ways.

Without any conditions, that is unconditionally, accept every gift that enters your sacred space. Look for the opportunity as it presents itself in the wisdom of the uncertainty and in the wisdom of the insecurity that you find yourself in.

Every gift, however ugly or beautiful should not be judged, controlled or manipulated in any way. It should be unconditionally accepted, surrendering to what is showing up in the present moment of your life now. This gift, unconditionally accepted, should be integrated as part of Who You Really Are, as you allow your Soul to evolve further reaching new heights of enlightenment, knowing everything happens for the best.

There is nothing to fear, your Soul is undamageable, accept the love being presented to you as a gift and allow it to unfold as it should.

In this way you will find out that everything happens for the best it is purely a function of time.

This unconditional acceptance is the key to love of you and of others.

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