46. Enthusiasm The Missing Ingredient


I feel apathetic about everything in my life. I really don’t care about what people think about me and what I think about myself. However, deep down I know that this should be concerning me but I’m not interested in finding out why and what I should do about it. I just don’t care!


Sure, you feel down about your life. You have simply taken your life for granted. This is my life take it or leave it! I just dont care!

Well lets take it!

Thank you for giving Us your life. This life is tired, lacking direction, lacking motivation, lacking enthusiasm. This life is boring, its listless, and it simply does not give a damn.

O. K. so We have this life now what should We do with it.

I’ll take it! scream a room full of people.

Whoa! We cant satisfy all of you We reply. Okay says a boy without hair going through chemotherapy, can I have that beautiful hair because mine fell out last week?

In that case, said a blind man, I’ll give anything for those beautiful eyes so I can see the world anew, again. From the back of the room came a shout, those ears are mine I want to hear again especially the words of love whispered by someone I love.

A woman on a respirator claimed the nose so that she could become unchained from her bed and breathe normally, walking around seeing the world.

Those lips are mine screamed a woman burnt and scarred in a fire as she grinned, baring her overexposed teeth. Now I can kiss my beloved all night long.

Ill love that tongue and the ability to speak again, scrawled a young man on a notepad. Ill profess gratitude to God all day long if I could only speak again.

Can I have that beautiful face, said a young woman whose last living memory was that she forgot to put on her seatbelt as she went headfirst through the windscreen.

That graceful and strong neck has my very name written on it said a former athlete bound to a wheelchair.

And so each part of the body, mind, Soul and Spirit was claimed in turn like irreplaceable pieces of art at an auction, each piece fought over, by hundreds of worthy recipients who knew the value to their lives of this piece they so desperately sought to make them whole again.

Then someone said but that’s not fair, this poor lost Soul should not be deprived of its body, mind, Soul, Spirit simply because they are missing one ingredient in their life.

What ingredient is that, asked a little girl?

The ability to be grateful for everything that they have and everything that they already are.

How can they become so grateful, asked the same nave little girl.

Well, they have forgotten Who They Really Are. They have forgotten that they are a Part of God, a Spirit in a body on earth, in the physical. The Part of God that they are is Unlimited. They have taken for granted, and forgotten, how truly magnificent they really are. They have forgotten, for now, that they are a miracle.

MIRACLE May I Recognize A Conscious Light Evolving

They have become unconscious about how very well they really are:

WELL Wonder Eternally Light Love

They have forgotten that inside this bored, listless body and mind beats the rhythm of a heartbeat given to them by God. The Soul that they are comes from the Great Spirit you call God. They have discarded the understanding how truly magnificent the gift of their life on earth, in the physical is:

GIFT God In Forever Time

They are truly magnificent. They are undamageable, they are indestructible, they are huge, they are unlimited, they are a Part of God. God is Love. They are Love.

Presently they have forgotten that they are Love. They do not feel love, especially from themselves to themselves. They have numbed that self-love with disbelief and forgetfulness of Who They Really Are.

Because they do not feel the love inside of them they cannot give, and receive, love, from others.

When they can unlock that love chest inside themselves, they will know unconditional love that is the Part of God inside them.

But where is the key to unlock this love chest inside them?

I know I left it in the capable hands of my two best friends inside of me.

And who might those two friends be?

Gratefulness is here, I can start to see him at the end of the passage peering out from behind a pillar but where is Enthusiasm.

When you greet and befriend Gratefulness for everything you have which you take for granted, when you take a piece of paper and write down the heading: Everything I Am Grateful For In My Life then Enthusiasm will emerge from the shadows and lift you to new heights previously not experienced in your life, in the physical.

If you can start each day with An Attitude of Gratitude (See The Book of Evolving Relationships Lesson 40), if you can count your blessings each morning before you get out of bed and each evening before you go to sleep, then Enthusiasm will be your constant companion.

This Enthusiasm accompanying your Gratefulness will bring a spring to your step, a lilt of excitement to your voice, give you outstretched arms to hug all those you meet, give you an Attitude of Gratitude, an Abundance of Love. All this you will feel continually as will those you encounter each day.

You will become Who You Really Are Love. The Part of God you really are God is Love. You are Love.

Now you have Gratefulness and Enthusiasm for your life and you have become Love inside and outside.

Would you prefer to be listless and apathetic or would you prefer to be Who You Really Are Love in your Gratefulness and Enthusiasm.

You always have Free Will you choose:

Apathetic, Listless, Not caring


Grateful, Enthusiastic, Being Love.

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