48. Respect The Only Boundary In Behaviour

RESPECT Recognizing Each Soul Politely Ensuring Correct Tribute

We refer you to Children Learning Boundaries of Acceptable Behaviour, the previous lesson in The Book of Life Skills and to Hearing with your Soul Lesson 30 in The Book of Evolving Relationships.

If you can truly give someone respect then this may be the only boundary required in your relationship.

By giving someone respect you recognize, firstly, that they are a Soul, part of Spirit, part of God. You are addressing and communicating with Who They Really Are at Soul level not the body and mind that this Soul occupies but the Soul itself. Not the illusion of the body but recognizing the truth that they are a Soul.

When addressing and communicating with their Soul the part of God that they are – then what part of you is doing that communicating and addressing? Your Soul of course The part of you that is your Soul – your part of Spirit, the part of God inside of you.

So when your Soul recognizes, communicates, addresses and respects their Soul then RESPECT Recognizing Each Soul Politely Ensuring Correct Tribute – can occur and flow between the two, or more, of you.

This is the meaning of Namaste May the God inside of me acknowledge the God inside of you.

Therefore, by recognizing each Soul you can start to politely ensure correct tribute.

You have been given two ears and one mouth to communicate with. To politely ensure correct tribute you should listen twice as much as you speak!

If you truly listen, not only with your ears, but also with your eyes, with other parts of your body being still, and respectful, but most importantly, lovingly with your Soul (see Hearing with your Soul Lesson 30 in The Book of Evolving Relationships), then you are showing respect. You are not interrupting and talking, but genuinely, lovingly, respectfully listening, as if gems of wisdom are being imparted to you, then you are politely ensuring correct tribute.

When it is your turn to speak, being caring, understanding, empathetic, compassionate, modest, truthful and loving – then you are politely ensuring correct tribute.

The tribute, or praise, you are showing is correct if it comes from your Soul, not your ego.

If it comes from your ego then your insecurities, based on your thoughts of fear, will emerge. By interrupting their speaking, by not giving correct eye contact, by fidgeting with your hands, arms, legs, feet and other parts of your body, is showing your impatience in wanting to show how much more important you are than they. What you want to say is more important than what they are saying. You need to impress them, to prove you are better, more important and perhaps you need to impress yourself, that you really are more important. If you feel threatened by what they are saying and your need to compete for their attention causes you to interrupt them in any way then it is important that you look at why you have this need. What is making you insecure, fearful and afraid?

By ensuring that your tribute, or praise, comes from your Soul, and not your ego, will allow you to show respect to the other person, or people.

When you give respect, you will be rewarded by being shown respect by the other person, or people. If this mutual respect is not evident fairly soon then you need to examine this relationship carefully. If you are truly giving respect and the other person, or people, are not giving you respect in return, after some time for adjustments are given, then the other person, or people are abusing you.

This ABUSE A Being Utilizing Similar Experiences needs to be examined. If it is unwarranted and is no longer acceptable to you then this needs to be addressed, respectably, with the other person, or people.

However, invariably abuse brings with it a mirror of your behaviour, in this, lifetime or another life space and this also needs examination, in truthfulness.

If you do not receive respect from the other person, or people, after genuinely exhausting every possibility, then accept and surrender to this reality now. This relationship no longer serves you and you can respect yourself by removing yourself, physically from it. If this is not practically possible then remove yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually from it.

Respect starts with self-respect as love starts with self-love.

Respect is the cornerstone of every relationship. First your relationship with yourself, then your relationship with others.

With respect can flow admiration, with admiration can flow trust, with trust can flow love.

Without respect, you cannot have admiration. Without admiration, you cannot develop trust, without trust you cannot have love.

Respect is the only boundary you need in a successful relationship.

Respect comes from your Soul and not from your ego.

Respect is the cornerstone of a successful enlightened existence.


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