43. Spiritual Weight Loss

According to a recent news broadcast 98% of people are not happy with their body weight and most have tried dieting with limited success.

Some Spiritual Truths need to be told:

1.You are not your body.

2.You chose your body for specific reasons.

3.Until you have understood and integrated your choice of your body, you will not give yourself permission to enable your body to change its shape or mass with any meaningful long-term effect.

1.You are not your body

This topic has already been covered in the Book of Inner Peace and We suggest you read it now.

2.You chose your body for specific reasons

At Soul level, you chose many things before your journey to this plane of existence, you know as earth, occurred.

You chose to balance your karma by experiencing certain things on earth. These things or opportunities for growth of your Soul, generally involved dealing with issues, which appear to be hard to do. These obstacles that need to be overcome are to enable growth to occur.

You should welcome and love AGE Always Growing Evolving, as your desired state coming from a Soul level.

If you fear age then at an ego level gravity will always win and age is the enemy.

In choosing the body that you, as a Soul, currently occupy, you determined, at Soul level, that you needed to look like you do so you could address certain issues for your Souls growth.

If you are overweight then perhaps you chose to experience being looked at, and treated, by, people at a physical ego level. Perhaps you had to experience being assessed not for Who You Really Are but what you looked like in the physical.

I know you see me as obese, or overweight, but why can’t you see the real person, the human being, the Soul, living inside this body. Why do you look at my body and judge me on appearances only? No one has taken the time to find out what a wonderful person lives inside this body. I am happy, funny, loving, peaceful, joyful, full of life and energy. I am a wonderful friend, generous, compassionate, enthusiastic, warm and good company. I am standing here trying to get you to see the real me, but you only see my body and never take the time to respect me enough to get to know the real me.

3.Until you have understood and integrated your choice of your body you will not give yourself permission to enable your body to change its shape, or mass, to any meaningful long-term effect

We want you to think, and think hard, why you, as a Soul, would have chosen to occupy the body you currently do.

What have you experienced as this body should give you a clue. Let Us assume, for example, that in another lifetime, on the earths plane, you ridiculed overweight people, or took advantage of them in some way. Now the karmic balance of the Law of Cause and Effect has come into play in this lifetime.

Assuming you receive clarity as to your choice of selecting your body then understanding that choice and doing something positive and growing, in Soul terms, about it, will help you integrate it as part of Who You Really Are.

For example, if you helped overweight people feel comfortable within themselves by designing clothes, seats, walking sticks, or whatever, which will assist them in feeling better about themselves. Another example is organizing feel good picnics for overweight people to have fun with each other rather than feeling uncomfortable with normal sized people at a picnic.

By working with these issues, you begin to integrate the concept that being overweight is what you, at Soul level, have chosen as a body to enable you to heal and grow spiritually.

By accepting the Spiritual Truth, that you chose your body for your Souls healing and growth, then you can start to see your overweight body as a blessing and not a curse.

You now become much more comfortable in your own skin, no matter how large that skin is!

When you have understood and integrated your choice of your body, you can surrender to the reality of the situation now.

I am overweight but that is only my body, however my Soul, inside of me, is magnificent. My Soul comes from Spirit, from God, and my Soul is Pure Love that is Who I Really Am. I am a Part of God and God is Love so I am Love.

Now if you want to experience real love, come to me. However, if you are put off by my overweight body then you are the loser because you will never know the Love I am and the Love I have to share, in abundance.

You only see the physical abundance of me, you need to get past that to see the abundance of Love that I really am, at Soul level. I am Pure Love and to know me is to experience being bathed in the Light of that Pure Love. If you really took the time to know this, you would experience Absolute Bliss.

All you need to do is to look past my body to find Who I Really Am and you will know Bliss.

Once you can get to this place of knowing you will realize that being overweight at body, physical level, is a blessing in disguise. Your physical abundance is only an outward manifestation of your Spiritual Abundance.

You are Love so now you can give yourself permission to love yourself for Who You Really Are, at Soul level.

If people want to judge you at physical level, and reject you, then it is their loss in not knowing Who You Really Are. How simple it will be for them to know the Real You. However, you now know Who You Really Are, at long last.

Welcome Home!

Now you can decide if you are comfortable in our own skin, or do you wish to lose some weight?

You can now give yourself permission to change your outer appearance because you are secure in knowing Who You Really Are, at Soul level. With that security of knowledge you now know that whatever you look like on the outside, slimmed down or not, your inside is Pure Love.

Whatever outside appearance you choose to be will only persist and remain if you do not come from ego but come from Soul from Love.

If you can think, say, do and act with What Would Love Do Now?, in every instance, then size does not count because your heart will be judged not your body.

Now wouldn’t you like to hear that people say, He/She has an amazingly big heart full of love and abundance rather than He/She has an amazingly big body.

So We reach a place now where We ask you: Would you like to have Spiritual Weight Loss or Spiritual Love Gain? Fortunately, for you when you have Spiritual Love Gain you can determine what your physical body size needs to be and adjust your size accordingly whilst remaining Being Love. When you are no longer love, but fear and ego, your weight will increase again, and that is why diets generally don’t work!

Remain Being Love and determine the physical size you wish to be and your body will adjust accordingly.

Try it what have you got to lose? Only some weight while you gain Being Love!

WEIGHT Without Ego I Gain Higher Truth

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