37. You Can Only Heal What You Feel

Feelings are the language of the Soul.

When you want to heal yourself in the physical, you feel the actual pain, or hurt, on the inside of you or you see the actual injury you have and feel the pain connected to THAT physical hurt.

To heal that physical pain you need to clean the wound with disinfectant, put a dressing on the wound and monitor the progress of the healing in case it gets infected further.

In time the physical wound generally heals, perhaps a scar remains and time marches on.

If you could not have seen the wound you could not have cleaned it, dressed it and monitored its progress to complete healing. Your pain told you of the existence of your physical wound because your nervous system let you know something was wrong with your physical body.

So it is with your inner body. The emotional imbalance caused by fear of loss sets in motion a domino effect. If you can picture the game of dominoes, whereby the domino pieces are stacked up one after the other in a long line. When you push the first domino, it collides with the second one and each domino in turn collides with the next one until they have all fallen down.

Your fear of loss of something or someone triggers a domino effect within your emotional body. As this fear escalates the dominoes fall down one after the other.

It is not the loss that causes the emotional domino effect; it is the fear of what the loss will mean to you, in your frightened imagination.

This fear is not real yet. That is why FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real.

The fear only becomes a reality when you create it in reality. Please refer to the Universal Spirit Laws and the Law of Attention, The Law of Belief,  The Law of Polarity, The Law of Projection, The Law of Reflection,  The Law of Responsibility, The Law of Surrender, and The Law of Vulnerability.

By understanding these Universal Spirit Laws, you will understand that your beliefs create your reality. That which you fear will be created in your reality by your belief system FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real, you make the falseness disappear and the reality to appear through your belief system.

What you resist persists!

So back to your fear of loss of something or someone and the domino effect that this fear has on your emotional body.

This fear starts to materialize in your physical body. Most times it goes to places where the body acts as a mirror of these feelings of fear. Your neck gets stiff and sore when you are inflexible. Your feelings of lack of support from someone or something is reflected in backache. If you would like to explore these relationships of how emotional feelings are reflected parts of your physical body then We refer you to Louise Hay’s “How To Heal Yourself” as a starting point.

Feelings are the language of your Soul.

When you want to really heal the emotional imbalances caused by your fears of loss then you have to start by disclosing your true inner feelings.

In this vulnerability, by identifying and disclosing each feeling you can isolate each feeling and by being truthful to yourself find out where this fear of loss came from originally.

How real was this fear of loss before you made it a reality? How real is this fear of loss, which you are still creating into reality?

Most times this fear is false. Your insecurities come from your inability to TRUST – , firstly, To Release Unto Spirit Totally and, secondly, To Rely Upon Spirit Totally, your willingness to “Let Go and Let God”, your lack of faith to know that God will give you everything that you need (not what you want) exactly when you need it.

If you could take a leap of faith, your insecurities would vanish. To help you here We are going to repeat The Law of Faith.

The Law of Faith

What would happen to you right now if a miracle occurred and you knew with absolute certainty that God existed and you were part of God? Assume that you received confirmation that, without a shadow of a doubt, God is here guiding you, protecting you, loving you.

That God will give you everything you need to make you heal, grow and evolve into Being – a part of God.

That you now no longer had to fear anything, that you would not lose anything that was needed for your Higher Good.

That you could love everything and everyone for Who They Really Are, parts of God.

That every pleasure and every hardship you had to experience was for your Higher Good so you could heal, grow and evolve into Being, a part of God.

If you could no longer have any fear and that you could know only love.

What would happen to you right now, and in every successive moment of now, if you believed this to be true?

Do you really want it to be true? Then live your life As If this were true.

Believe it; See it; Do it; Create it!
Believing is Seeing!
What do you have to lose? Is your life right now better than believing that God is here and you are part of God? That God is love and You are love.

Have faith that God is here with you now. That you are part of God. That God is love. That you are love – and see what happens to your life. Trust the process. Expect a miracle!

MIRACLE – May I Recognize A Conscious Light Evolving.

We assure you that before you came here to this plane of existence you know as earth, you were like Us, a Spirit. When you were in Spirit you knew The Law of Faith to be true. Now you must re-member that You are part of God, a member of God and know that there is nothing to fear – God is love, You are part of God, You are love – there is nothing to fear, you cannot lose anything that is for your Higher Good.

There is nothing to fear the loss of. Your feelings of fear, which are manifesting in your physical body as pain, are false feelings. You no longer need to feel the pain – it no longer serves you.

By accepting the Law of Faith you can release your feelings of fear of loss and the emotional pain in your physical body can be released in love. Thank you pain, you no longer serve me now. In my awareness of Who I Really Am – a part of God – I do not need fear – I am love.

Love is far stronger than fear; fear can diminish and in time disappear altogether.

Your Ego, which created the fear, will fight the loss of its power, however, coming from Soul with “What Would Love Do Now?” will chase Ego away, providing you think, say and act with “What Would Love Do Now?”

By identifying and disclosing your feelings you can heal them with understanding, compassion, empathy and forgiveness.

By being vulnerable to exposing your feelings you can heal yourself completely.

What you feel you can heal. You can only heal what you feel.

Feelings are the language of your Soul.
God speaks this Universal language and can heal You – in your belief and faith.

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