36. On The Side Of Healing

Friction and conflict is necessary to create growth, evolvement and healing in the duality that exists on what you know as earth.

Let Us illustrate:

A frail match which, when struck against the side of a matchbox, creates friction. The match is in conflict with the abrasive part of the matchbox. The friction created by the abrasion creates a spark, the spark creates a flame. What is done with that flame is the all-important issue? From the conflict, or friction, the flame has erupted, the match is now alight, enlightened. If that match is used to light a candle, then darkness no longer reigns, there is light. If that candle is used to light other candles in every room in the house, then the house is now enlightened. If that candle is transported to the houses next door, then their houses are now enlightened. This light can now be transported all over the world, creating enlightenment. To illustrate that even further, the match that is struck to light the Olympic Torch that is carried from country to country and arrives at the Olympic Games is seen by billions of people as a symbol of hope and unity. The nations which compete against each other do so for glory rather than on the battlefield with death and destruction being the result. Now, through the Olympic Games, hope and glory can be the symbols signified by the Olympic Torch, lit by a frail match.

Conversely, a frail lighted match thrown carelessly, or intentionally, into the bush can start a bush-fire, and carried by the wind, can engulf cities and towns damaging homes and lives irreparably.

It is the same frail match. It is the intention behind use of the flame that determines the outcome.

And so it is in human relationships when two ego’s strike against each other, friction is caused and eruptions occur. As both parties have their own sides, so they stand on the own side feeling that they are right. As We have said in the first lesson “Do you wish to be right or happy?” So as they stand on their sides, they bring their egos into play. These egos have become engorged, swollen and they rally people to their sides to support them. They are victims, look how they have been treated. Encouraged now by this support they then got on their “high horse” and they cannot get off. They cannot show vulnerability, as they do not yet understand that vulnerability is their greatest strength. So their “high horse” gets higher and higher as accusations are leveled – “he did that, she did that, it’s so unfair, look how I’ve been treated”.

As the egos continue to strike against each other, two sides are formed, and so a lighted frail match is thrown into the bush and the winds of hate, anger, fury sweep the flame across hills and valleys as homes are razed to the ground. Families are left bereft as the anger and the fury sweeps through all that has been built up. In the process, the egos become so swollen, so engorged, so poisoned and that hate turns inwards and ultimately disease is the victor.

There is another choice – the move from Ego to Soul.

The conflict that is created by ego can be healed by moving from Ego to Soul. That is the journey towards worthiness as spelt out in the various lessons preceding this one. When you choose sides, there is another choice. You can choose to be on the side of healing. To be on the side of healing is to know that there is only one side when you come from Soul, when you operate from love, when you come from Spirit knowing the only Truth that there is.

God is love, you are part of God, and therefore, you are love.

When you come from love, when you think, act, say and do “What would love do now?” then you haveĀ GAINGod And I Now.


On the earth plane there is duality that means that there are two sides. Coming from God with “What Would Love Do Now?” only has one side. We know it is difficult for you to imagine something that has only one side because you know everything to have two sides. If there is one side, how can one side exist on its own?

One side can exist on its own if there is a circle. If you come to know, and remember, that we are all One, then the circle is complete and has no sides. Yes there is an inside of the circle but that cannot be seen, you can only see the outside of the circle. That is where faith comes into play. When you look at something that is flat, there are two sides to it – seen from both sides, you can see one side and then the other side, for example you can see the light and the dark. The duality is evident.

When it is a circle, or circumference, you can only see one side, what you may call the outside. You have to get inside to see the inside. That is when you understand that what happens on the inside of you is manifested on your outside. It is the same side, the inside reflects the outside. (However, this is for another lesson)

When we are all One there are no sides, we are all One. When you understand that you are part of God and that God is love and therefore you are love, it is then easy to go through a process of healing when you understand that there is only one side – the side of healing, in love.

By accepting and acknowledging that there is only God, who is only love, you are part of God and part of love and that We are all that together, there is only One. One circle, One Side. The One Side of healing in love.

If you come from the One Side of healing, you come from Soul realizing that any accusation made damages the circle. Any praise made improves and enlarges the circle. So to use the analogy of healing, if you took a knife and trust it into the circle from the outside you would create a dent or a hole in the circle, affecting it for everyone in the circle. If on the other hand you healed the dent or the hole in the circle, it has been repaired by healing, in love. Love is the only healing that can truly repair damage which appears to be irreparable to become repairable.

Healing the circle through love is to be on the side of healing.

If you can see the conflict differently now, someone is not right and someone is not wrong. Coming from healing with love is to be on the side of healing, the side to which there is no opposition, and the side to which there is no competition. When you come from love, when you come from Soul and you heal with love and you put your hand up to be on the side of healing, then you are all on the same side together.

It’s only when you recognize that coming from EGO, which means Edging God Out, that this creates two sides of conflict. Coming from Soul, from love, manifests the only truth there is – “God is love, you are all part of God and therefore you are love” – then it is possible to heal any conflict. When you take away two sides and realize there is now only one side – healing results.

The one side is healing, coming from love, coming from Soul, becoming God’s partner inĀ GAINGod And I Now.

The choice is always there – come from Ego and look to be right or come from Soul, look to heal in love and be happy, eventually blissful. In your happiness remember you are part of God, God is love and therefore you are love. Love is the healing balm for any conflict.

Therefore, you can see that it is not the conflict that is the “bad” issue; the conflict is created on the earth’s plane by friction. Friction creates the flame. It is what is done with the flame that is the issue. The intention of what to use the flame for, for death and destruction or for enlightenment.

Through the healing power of love you can choose which side to be on. The two sides of Ego or the one side of Soul. The sides of conflict or the side of healing. Healing comes from the inside of yourself in order to be reflected on your outside. The ultimate outside is the Circle of Eternal Life, where the truth is known that “God is love, you are part of God, and therefore you are love”. With this awareness, or consciousness, you can now be on the side of healing, if you so choose.

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