24. Changing Your Belief System About You

In the previous lesson – If You Need To Be Right – What’s Wrong? – We explained that your feeling of “wrongness” deep inside of you – is an illusion. This illusion is a conditioned response to what has been said to you by others influencing you, prejudicing you against yourself. These people, themselves feeling “wrong” about themselves, have taken their own feelings of inadequacy and transferred them to you. These influential people made you acknowledge, accept and believe this “untruth” about you. Your belief system has treated this illusion, this “untruth” as your truth.

In this previous lesson We asked you to discover and uncover what these “untruths” were about you so We can show you how to change your existing belief systems into a real belief system about you.

Let Us assume you discovered and uncovered that when you were younger, someone who you trusted, someone who you admired, someone who had an influence over you, told you that you were not acceptable to them – they rejected you.

This lack of acceptance was probably caused by them not being acceptable to themselves. They probably felt unworthy in their lives. They probably felt not acceptable by people who rejected them. They probably took this feeling of failure, this feeling of rejection and did not want it to be attached to them. So, like something very unpleasant and smelly that dropped onto their hand, they simply flicked it away in your direction. When this unpleasant, smelly substance landed on you, this shocked you. However, turning to them for an explanation of why they flung this insult at you, you accepted their offensive accusation “You are unpleasant, you are smelly, you are not acceptable to me, I have rejected you”.

You were too young, too impressionable, too scared to question their authority, their influence on you was very strong.

In truth you were too scared to lose their love, so you betrayed yourself and accepted this “untruth” as your truth so they would not reject you and take away their love from you. This so-called love was conditional love.

Now how do you change this “untruth” from your existing accepted truth and see it for the “untruth” that it is. How do you create the real truth about you?

You create your own new reality!

The ingredients you use to create your own new reality cake are:

  • Thoughts

  • Feelings

  • Choices

  • Decisions

  • Attitudes

  • Beliefs and Behavior

  • Desire, Imagination and Expectancy

  • Vision


Your thoughts create your reality. What you think starts the process of manifestation. If you are on a high-wire trapeze and you think you are going to fall – you will fall. Conversely, if you think, and believe sufficiently enough, that you can walk on the high-wire trapeze to the other side safely – you will succeed. These thoughts and resulting beliefs create a picture, a vision in your head.


Feelings are the language of the Soul. You can only create your new reality providing you come from Soul and not from Ego. Your feelings about your thoughts create your new reality. You may think something unrealistic and if your feelings tell you it is unrealistic, the creation you would like to achieve, your new reality, will not manifest itself, it will be unrealistic.

Your thoughts and your feelings need to work together synergistically. When your thoughts and your feelings, coming from Soul, combine, then the result is likely to be surprisingly good. This belief of what you think and feel has a compounding synergistic result, creating your new reality.


The ability to choose propels your new thoughts and feelings into manifested reality. The ability to choose kick-starts the process of action, the process of evolution, the process of healing and growth.


Once you choose then a decision is a result. The manifestation of a choice is a decision.


These thoughts, these feelings, these choices, this decision that results create an attitude. An attitude is your statement of intent, for example, “I can do this” or “I can’t do this”. This attitude of your intention is what will manifest as the creation of your new reality.

Beliefs and Behavior

What comes before reality – your beliefs?

I create my own reality. First I must start with the belief. Where does my belief come from? My belief starts as a thought, then a feeling that resonates with that thought, then I make a choice, a decision propels that choice into action – and this creates my attitude. My belief system is a reflection of my attitude. What I now believe becomes my new belief system.

To quote a Guide, Lazaris, channeled by Jach Pursel, both of whom We respect and honor, from whom We have learnt so much about changing belief systems:

“Belief precedes reality. You create your own reality. There is no fine print.”

Behavior follows your beliefs. If you wish to change your behavior then you need to change your beliefs.

Desire, Imagination and Expectancy

In addition to thoughts, feelings, choices, decisions, attitudes, beliefs and behavior you have other vehicles at your disposal to use to assist in creating your personal reality.

Reality is also manufactured by what you really desire, by imagining that it is real and by expecting it to manifest itself into reality. By dreaming: by allowing your mind to go beyond rational, logical, realistic thought in your desire; by imagining beyond practical, realistic, expectations; by creating expectations that raise the bar far above previous known achievements – then a new reality can be created – providing you come from Soul and you stand in your Integrity, Faith and Trust.


You set your own limitations. You are more powerful than you could ever know. At Soul level you are part of God. God knows no limitations.

What you dream creates a vision. This vision manifests itself from your dream. When you see the dream so clearly that you can picture it, feel it, touch it, smell it, taste it – when the vision is so real that it become a part of you, when you can see that you and the vision are being there as one, then it becomes your new truth.

This new truth, this vision of who You really are changes your belief system about you – providing you come from Soul in your Integrity, Faith and Trust.

Your New Belief System about You

Let us now revert to the example that you were not acceptable to someone and that they rejected you. As you may remember, this lack of acceptance and rejection was probably caused by them not being acceptable to themselves – by them feeling unworthy in their lives.

In order to create your new belief system about you let us go through the ingredients that you need to use to create your new reality cake:

Thoughts: At Soul level you now know that you are part of God. So, if you were not acceptable to these people then God is not acceptable to these people. Then are they worthy to have any influence over you?

Your new thought about them now needs to be “You are not worthy to influence me. Whatever you think, say and do about me has no value to me any longer. I now know that I am part of God and am worthy. If you remain unworthy, why should I let you influence me in any way whatsoever?”

I am worthy and acceptable to God as my partner, that is my new thought.

Feelings: When I allowed you to influence me with your untruths, it was my Ego that allowed you in. However, feelings are the language of my Soul and my Soul knows the truth that I am worthy. I am no longer allowing my feelings to be influenced by my fragile Ego, but only by my Soul. My feelings now tell me that I am worthy and that you, in your unworthiness, are no longer acceptable to me. If you remain in your unworthiness, I reject you.

Choices: The choice that I now make is so very simple. I choose, in my worthiness, to not accept but reject any influence that you have over me. I choose to know that I am worthy and that I am part of God. No longer will I be available to be abused by you. You, in your unworthiness, are no longer acceptable to me. Anything you have done and said to influence me is no longer acceptable to my new belief system. My choice is to recognize my worthiness now.

Decision: My decision is, therefore, to recognize my worthiness, my acceptability to myself of myself in my worthiness and to reject anything unworthy in my life. Unworthiness no longer is part of me, my unworthiness has been rejected by me. My decision is to recognize my worthiness.

Attitude: My attitude is to be God-like in my approach to life. I will approach every thought, every word and every action with an attitude of “What would God do now?” and act on it with an attitude of “What would Love do now?”

Beliefs and Behavior: With my belief that I am part of God and acting in a God-like manner, my behavior that flows from that is my acceptance that I am always under the watchful eye of God and other Unseen Entities, conscious that my behavior should always match my beliefs. I live my life coming from Soul, coming from Love, standing in my Integrity, my Faith and in Trust. This worthiness is now what’s acceptable to me. Anything less than that becomes unworthy of me and I reject it outright. It is no longer part of me.

Desire, Imagination and Expectancy: In my desire to be worthy, I imagine that my thoughts, words and actions are within the vision of God and I expect my behavior to be conscious of God’s vision always and all ways.

Vision: In creating my new reality I visualize my worthiness. My acceptance of what is said or done to me is measured by my expectations of my worthiness. If those who say or do things to me do not come from Soul, and are not worthy in their intentions then I do not accept what is said or done to me and I reject this outright. This ill-intentioned “attack” will not breach my perimeter wall as I stand in my worthiness.

My new belief system about myself is that I am now worthy, I am more powerful than I could ever know – after all, I am part of God.


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