25. Betrayal – The Healing Process

An important Spiritual Law is “As Above – So Below”. What happens in Spirit is manifest in the physical plane you know as earth. Sometimes that manifestation is mirrored. The figure 8, which has been interpreted as eternity, when placed on its side, shows the mirror effect of “As Above – So Below” in its mirror format.

The word BETRAY, at ego level, conjures up feelings of mistrust, dishonesty, loss, dishonor, fraud, damage, loss of confidence, etc., etc. No one wants to suffer the empty feeling that accompanies the knowledge that one has been betrayed. The pain that accompanies the memory of betrayal feels like a sharp knife penetrating your insides every time the memory bank is re-activated by thoughts.

As We have shown you in the lesson “Betrayal of Trust – You are not a Victim”, in essence, you betrayed you, by allowing your acceptance of abuse, initially and possibly continually, in exchange for conditional love.

Only your acceptance of this self-betrayal and your acceptance thereafter of the development of unconditional self-love as illustrated in “Everything That You Need Is Inside of You” will enable this healing process to take root, for growth to occur and for evolvement, at Soul level, to speed up.

The word BETRAY, at Soul level, has a different meaning in its mirrored state. If you separate the word to create BE TRAY, then at Soul level you can “be a tray” to serve others. Now that might sound very simplistic, but that’s because it is!

A tray, imagine it to be a silver tray, has a very polished flat surface – like a mirror. By you being a tray and serving others, you serve them best by standing in your Integrity, in your Faith and in your Trust. You stand in your Light.

The Light that you are is mirrored onto the tray and your Light is reflected, mirrored, to those you are serving. When they, perhaps in the darkness of their Ego, receive your Light – through their darkness – they begin to recognize, and remember, their Light. Their Light, inside of them, starts to re-ignite and assert itself.

They now begin to be more enlightened. This enlightenment gives their Soul permission to re-establish its place in the balance between Ego and Soul.

Their Soul, starts to impose itself on their thoughts, their feelings, their choices, their decisions, their attitudes, their beliefs, their behavior, their desires, their imagination, their expectations and ultimately on their vision.

This change in their belief system, as outlined in the lesson “Changing Your Belief System About You “will start to move them from Ego to Soul. Their thinking pattern changes from “What Would Ego Do Now?” to “What Would Soul do Now?”

By you acting as a Be Tray, a mirrored surface to reflect your light to them, has re-awakened their light that they are at Soul level.

In truth they, as Darkness/Ego, cannot survive in your space, in your Light/Soul. They either start to change to become Light/Soul or, in their Darkness/Ego, they creep further away into the shadows.

Darkness/Ego cannot survive living in Light/Soul.

By being a Be Tray you have healed your own betrayal of yourself at Ego level by bringing Light/Soul into your Darkness/Ego.

This ultimate healing of your own betrayal of yourself enables you to find unconditional self-love in the light that you have become and for the darkness that was your ego to disappear in the brightness of your light.

As you move from Ego/Darkness to Soul/Light so the healing process of your self-betrayal speeds up and becomes complete.

Betray at Ego level creates darkness.
Be Tray at Soul level creates and reflects your Light to heal you and others.

The healing cycle of betrayal is now complete – you are not a victim -you are the solution! You are in your Light!


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