23. If You Need To Be Right – What’s Wrong?

There are certain people that need to be right all the time. These people tend to be argumentative, provoking confrontation, attacking other points of view, defending their points of view.

Know anybody like that?

Are you sometimes like that?

Let Us examine, without judging, a person’s need to be right continually. No one on the earth plane has all the answers. No one can claim to know everything, about everything. No one can be right every time, all the time.

However, it would appear that some people are not only always right – they are never wrong. Every opinion expressed by them is authoritative, definite, over confident. There is no room for doubt in their minds. It is their way or the highway for you. They are prepared to put everything on the line to prove that they are right. Whether it is friendship, relationships, colleagues, marriage, even losing their children – I am right and if you can’t take that you can leave my life now. So much pride, so much indignant righteous anger, so much ego.

So much cover up!

This blustering bravado, this hurricane they stir up, this emotional crisis they create are all smokescreens to distract others, however especially themselves, from facing the real issue.

Their need to be right is covering up what they feel, deep inside themselves, is wrong about them.

In a place buried deep inside them is a feeling of discontent; they feel “wrong” in these hidden recesses. They cannot confront this fear, this feeling of “wrongness” – this imbalance, this hurt inside themselves.

So they prefer to take it out – outside themselves. They take it out on others. Always have to be right. Bullying others. Taunting others. Teasing others. Fighting others. Betraying others. Raping others. Murdering others. Not forgiving others. Not respecting others. Upsetting others.

It’s always their fault – never my fault.

They are wrong – I am right.

Every solution is sought outside themselves.

The solution can really only be found inside themselves.

That feeling of “wrongness” hidden deep inside themselves has to be looked at. It is causing ill at ease. This dis-ease is causing pain. When allowed to remain unchecked for long this “wrongness” – this imbalance – can cause disease.

This “wrongness” can have many causes – all of them illusionary. There is nothing real about feeling “wrong”. This feeling of “wrongness” is a conditioned response to what has been said to you by others. This feeling of inadequacy you feel as “wrong” is what your belief system has adopted as your “truth”.

Someone, themselves feeling “wrong”, has influenced you, your belief system, to acknowledge, accept and believe this untruth about you is actually real, the truth.

Whatever it is that you feel is inadequate about you has made you unable to love yourself. Being unable to love yourself has made you unable to love others.
So you have given conditional love to others and received conditional love in return. So you have given conditioned fear to others and received conditioned fear in return.

When these “untruths” were given to you, by someone who had the ability to influence you, where were they standing when they told you these “untruths” about you?

Were they standing in fear, in abuse, in anger, in resentment, in disappointment in their own lives, and were you the easy target to attack to get rid of their fear, anger, resentment and disappointment in their own lives?

You were impressionable, probably young, when someone of influence over you, told you these “untruths” about yourself.

Are you ready to change your belief system?

This We will deal with in another lesson (see: Changing Your Belief System About You. For now you have to simply acknowledge that your need to be right continually stems from some feeling of inadequacy, some “untruth” that your belief system has adopted as the “truth” about you.

You need to start to be true to yourself and identify what “untruths” you really fear hidden in your dark recesses deep inside you. Be true to yourself, what incorrect self-image – what do you really feel unhappy about yourself – has caused you to believe that you are not worthy of love.

Someone, or more than one person, has incorrectly prejudiced you against yourself. They have told you “untruths” about you. You need to dig deep in your new-found self-honesty and confess to yourself what these “untruths” are.

When you are ready to bring all of these potentially cancerous “untruths” out of the darkness deep inside of you; when you are ready to bring all these “untruths” painfully into the light of awareness, the light of consciousness then you will find Us waiting there for you.

We have the solutions for you of how to change your belief systems. To change these “untruths” hidden deep inside you. To replace these “untruths” with the real truth about you.

But first you have to do your part. Go and uncover these “untruths” and bring them out into the open so that We can help you change your belief system to understand the real truth about you.

When you are truly ready then We will meet you in the lesson entitled Changing your Belief System about You. Only come fully prepared if you truly want to benefit from this lesson.

In the meantime, you now know you don’t always have to be right every time. When you learn to deal with what’s “wrong” inside of you, you will not have to prove always that you are “right”.

You will then understand that “You can be right or happy but not both”. Soon you will not have to be right anymore and you can start to learn to be happy.

See you soon in Changing your Belief Systems about You – but only when you are really ready.

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Right? Wrong? Happy – yes!

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