Balance, Communication, Sociability, Over-activity, Trust

Balance: The Squirrel’s intent is to prepare for the time when there may not be plentiful food. It spends its energy sourcing food and burying it. It signifies that there should be more of a balance between obtaining food, eating, burying and sharing with others. More of a balance between work, family and play should be strived for.

Communication: Squirrels’ chatter and bushy tails add to their non-verbal communication. Emotions are often expressed through their prominent tails.

Sociability: Squirrels are quite sociable with each other when they are familiar but not so when they are unfamiliar. Their adventurous spirit when seeking sustenance is not matched by their ability to make new friends.

Over-activity: A Squirrel is usually overactive, scampering around, changing direction and chasing for food – probably well in excess of its needs.

Trust: A Squirrel could symbolise one who is distrustful that abundance will continue and lacks trust in nature to keep providing, even in the heat of summer.

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