100. STORK

Birth, Children, Energy, Home, Voice

Birth: The Stork is one of the most ancient symbols of bird. Those people with Stork energy deal with the beginnings of new creations.

Children: The Stork is known for its caring, protective and dedicated rearing of its young.

Energy: The Stork’s ability to use its voice for communication causes it to use its energy in a focused way through body language and dance. It shows how to focus movements and energy for success, especially through primal dance to improve fertility.

Home: A Stork returns every year to the same nest, raising its young from it. Storks signify a return to one’s roots to get one’s balance and perspective in order.

Voice: A Stork has no real voice for communication. Its body movements – strutting around, dancing and different posturing – are its means of communication.

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