Agility, Balance, Centred, Creativity, Infinity, Pioneering, Weaving

Agility: The Spider is very agile. It can maintain its balance and walk and spin its web simultaneously. This agility has been likened to walking between sleep and awakened states, life and death and spiritual and physical realms.

Balance: With its eight legs, a spider can balance anywhere and on mostly everything. Having this ability to balance everything in one’s life now as well as finding a balance between the past, present and future is an important benefit in life. The spider web is spun in the past so that the Spider may catch its prey in the present to provide food for its immediate future.

Centred: The Spider will most often position itself at the centre of its web and so it teaches us to be centred for maximum efficiency and balance.

Creativity: The ability to create such an intricate web in a spiral format to catch its prey shows the multi attributes of precision, patience and persistence in a creative manner.

Infinity: A Spider has eight legs and two body parts, unlike most other insects which have three body parts. When viewed from the side, a Spider appears to resemble the figure eight which is the sign for infinity.

Pioneer: A Spider is invariably the first inhabitant of a newly formed land mass. Spiders spin their webs through the air above sea level to reach the new land mass to seek out forthcoming prey.

Weaving: Those with Spider energy can weave webs of words for others to read and have other creative attributes.

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