Emotions, Confidence, Initiative, Protection, Sensitivity

Emotions: Sharks do not have swim bladders and are in perpetual motion in water to avoid sinking to the ocean floor. Water is associated with emotional transformation and the shark tackles emotional issues head on.

Confidence: The Shark has confidence that comes from being feared by most water-based inhabitants. Those with Shark energy will use power, influence and confidence to drive away unwanted people or issues, especially negative based ones.

Initiative: Sharks operate at a primal instinctive level. Those with this energy are likely to go forward and attack, instinctively knowing that they can usually handle the fall out, if there is one.

Protection: The Shark exhibits the power of a fearless predator and is unpredictable, making it all the more unstable and dangerous. This attacking nature makes it a powerful symbol for self-protection via attack.

Sensitivity: The Shark’s nose is very sensitive especially to blood in the water. Sharks can feel movement in the water caused by struggling fish and are sensitive to electromagnetic currents. Those with Shark energy will have an acute sense of smell.

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