Battering, Dilemma, Intelligence, New Growth, Nimbleness

Battering: The Ram’s horns are used to batter their opponents into submission. This reflects a tenacious head-strong person who is unafraid of “bashing heads” to get their way.

Dilemma: The saying “on the horns of a dilemma” is prosaic for the ram. The size of its horns becomes a target to be challenged by others. The bigger the horns, the more it is challenged and excessive fighting can reduce its longevity.

Intelligence: The Ram’s horns signify mental strength. Its intelligence, imagination and creativity increases continually as evidenced by the ever-growing horns of the ram.

New Growth: The Ram is the symbol for the astrological sign of Aries which is the first month of the astrological year. In the northern hemisphere this occurs in spring, a time for rebirth and new growth.

Nimbleness: The Ram’s feet have the ability to be able to perch its toes to land securely, especially in rocky terrain. The hooves are covered in an elastic-type substance to provide traction, elasticity and nimbleness. Those with Ram energy will be quick, nimble and surefooted.

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