92. SEAL

Amphibious, Balance, Inner Balance, Inner and Outer Balance, Protective Instinct, Playfulness

Amphibious: Seals spend time on land and in the sea. They give birth on land.

Balance: A Seal divides its time on both land and sea and whilst in the sea one has to go with the flow of the sea.

Inner Balance: A Seal has small openings instead of ears which allow it to balance via its own inner voice. A Seal compels you to listen to your inner voice when it is decision-making time.

Inner and Outer Balance: By swimming under and on top of the sea, a Seal enables both inner and outer voices to be heard. The depth of wisdom comes from listening to both voices, enabling wisdom, harmony and balance to emerge.

Protective Instinct: Seals are very protective of their young and are good at mothering their young. Love is evident amongst Seal mothers and their young.

Playfulness: Seals have a playful nature. However they can attack when threatened. The attack is more for frightening off another competitive male Seal.

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