Amphibious, Flexibility, Survival, Communication, Acceptance, Ecology

Amphibious: Seagulls are land-based birds who forage both sea and land for food.

Flexibility: Seagulls have the flexibility to find food on land and at sea.

Survival: Seagulls have good survival instincts and tend to herd together for protection as well as to search for new food sources.

Communication: Communication amongst Seagulls is based on a well-developed set of rules and behavioural patterns both verbal and via gestures.

Acceptance: The Seagull who finds food first is allowed to eat first; thereafter it is a “free for all”. However, they appear to be fair and respect the others’ rights to obtain food too.

Ecology: Seagulls eat most things and are responsible for keeping the beaches and sea relatively clear of debris.

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