Sense of Smell, Discrimination, Determination, Focus, Food Chain, Renewal Cycle

Sense of Smell: The Salmon’s determined desire to return to its stream of birth is based on its very acute sense of smell.

Discrimination: A Salmon can discriminate one similar stream from another based on its odour.

Determination: A Salmon will swim upstream and when required will leap upwards of ten feet. Obstacles are seen as temporary obstructions as it swims upstream, hardly pausing to eat.

Focus: The Salmon’s focus is single-minded – to get to its stream of birth so that it can spawn and then it dies there, at approximately five to seven years of age.

Food Chain: The Salmon is prized by bears as a food source. Bears pluck them from the streams as they swim upstream in a single-minded manner. Rich in Omega oils, the Salmon is sought after by humans as a food source.

Renewal Cycle: The five to seven year cycle of birth in a stream and the return to the same stream to spawn and die thereafter is embodied as part of nature’s renewal cycle.

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