New Beginnings, Releasing Old Attachments, Establishing Boundaries, Family Unity, Assisting Others

New Beginnings: Robins herald the start of spring, a time of rebirth and renewal after the harshness of winter. Their high pitched song is one of joy and happiness to be alive.

Releasing Old Attachments: In grasping the new, it is important to release the old in order to avoid the old impacting negatively on the new.

Establishing Boundaries: The Robin’s song depicts competition for its territory and the ability to sing the loudest wins the territory. Imagine a world where song determined territories rather than bloody battles?

Family Unity: Baby Robins are born without feathers and need continual feeding by both parents for a number of months. This family unity creates a determined tenacity to ensure the survival of the young.

Assisting Others: People with Robin energy may have an urge to assist others in need and should also identify where they may be overplaying their hand in providing for others at the expense of themselves and their family.

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