Survival, Solitude, Wisdom, Discrimination, Inner Wisdom, Personal Space, Patience

Survival: The Rhinoceros is a survivor of a bygone era – the age of giant mammals. They have managed to survive in nature for eons but now man has threatened their survival due to the misguided belief that their horns have aphrodisiacal properties.

Solitude: A Rhinoceros is generally found on its own. For people with Rhinoceros energy, this solitude creates great depth as it gives one an opportunity to unearth the real person.

Wisdom: Carrying the DNA from eons of time, a Rhinoceros provides ancient wisdom to current issues.

Discrimination: Due to its poor eyesight, the Rhinoceros has counter-intuitively developed a strong sense of smell and of hearing. This enables a Rhinoceros to discriminate whether the person or animal approaching is friend or foe.

Inner Wisdom: Learning to trust your inner wisdom is a message from the Rhinoceros.

Personal Space: A Rhinoceros reminds one to find one’s own personal space to evolve in and to grow in and to feel safe within.

Patience: A Rhinoceros teaches patience and perseverance, putting one foot in front of the other and in so doing, escape the danger one might find oneself in.

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