Adaptability, Curiosity, Mask, Water, Tree-Climbing

Adaptability: A Racoon is able to live in the wilds and survive in an urban area as well. Its paws are very dextrous allowing it to open man-made objects such as lids, trapdoors, doors etc.

Curiosity: Its curiosity knows no bounds as it is relatively fearless, standing its ground quite fervently when the need arises. It is reminiscent of naughty, irrepressible schoolboys on the prowl.

Mask: The facial masks create a symbolism of the ability to transform one to fit into and suit the occasion as well as to avoid detection for those naughty schoolboy pranks. In this way a Racoon can also alert one to someone who is hiding behind a mask to protect their true intentions towards one.

Water: A Racoon loves water and is forever washing its paws. This could signify the closure of a cycle in one’s life as in washing one’s hands of the past.

Tree Climbing: Although a Racoon is a good swimmer, it prefers to climb trees to maintain a vantage point of the high ground in looking for opportunities as well as for self-protection. Never a bad trait to emulate!

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