86. RAT

Survival, Success, Co-Operation, Restlessness, Space, Greediness, Insecurity

Survival: A rat is a shrew. It is adaptable, managing to survive at all costs.

Success: A Rat will persist undeterred until its objective is attained.

Co-Operation: Rats are sociable and will co-operate with each other to ensure success and survival.

Restlessness: Rats are continually looking restlessly for opportunities.

Space: A Rat invades others’ space and is disrespectful of boundaries.

Greediness: A Rat is greedy and will consume far more than it requires, preferring to vomit up food than to share with other non-rat rodents and animals.

Insecurity: A Rat is a hoarder, based on its fear of scarcity. It strenuously protects its hoardings, showing signs of insecurity about the limits of its hoard.

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