Common Prey, Skittishness, Flexibility, Sensitivity, Evasiveness, Lunar Cycle, Fertility, Fear

Common Prey: A Rabbit is common prey for most predators. Nature, in response, has made Rabbits very fertile and reproductive.

Skittishness: Because it is constantly on the lookout for being captured and killed, the Rabbit is skittish, jumpy, nervous and fearful.

Flexibility: The ability to avoid capture is one of flexibility in jumping, hopping and moving backwards, forwards and sideways evasively.

Sensitivity: The continually twitching nose highlights the sensitivity of changing surrounds, identifying potential threats nearby.

Evasiveness: Rabbits scratch an indentation into the ground in which they sit, leaving the front and rear open for quick escape routes. Rabbits have also learned to remain motionless to avoid detection from predators.

Lunar Cycle: A Baby Rabbit is ready to fend for itself within 28 days from birth, a lunar calendar month, and Rabbits have become associated with this lunar cycle. This enables people with Rabbit energy to recognise the tidal movements of ebb and flow, inclining them to go with the flow.

Fertility: People identifying with rabbits incline towards fertility in all aspects of their life, aware of the fragility of life and of possessions.

Fear: A Rabbits knows fear continually but carries on venturing outwards, exploring its domain. Fear highlights its awareness and instinct of self-preservation but does not prevent it from enjoying itself.

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