Patience, Stillness, Perseverance, Focus, Silent Execution, Eastern Practice

Patience: A Praying Mantis can remain immobile for indefinite periods of time as it appears to blend into its environment unnoticed by its soon-to-be hapless prey.

Stillness: In this stillness it goes within itself seemingly moving between worlds as it appears to dematerialise itself into the surrounding foliage.

Perseverance: Linear times appear to have no meaning to the still Praying Mantis as it perseveres to make itself invisible to its intended prey.

Focus: It remains intently focussed internally while appearing non-existent and detached from its intended target.

Silent Execution: At the appropriate moment it will attack its prey by grasping and enfolding it in its long forelegs.

Eastern Practice: Many Eastern martial arts and religious and spiritual practices emulate the Praying Mantis’s power of apparent inertia, going within, outwardly still and striking with maximum efficiency at the most opportune time.

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