Happy Go Lucky Nature, Protection of Boundaries, Respect, Myopia, Innocence, Self-Protection

Happy Go Lucky Nature: Although a Porcupine has poor eyesight, it has an insatiable curiosity and need to have fun in doing everyday things. This easy going Porcupine can switch, if threatened or attacked in any way, and use its sharp quills to protect itself and injure its attacker.

Protection of Boundaries: Do not cross the boundary lines unless you want to be attacked pointedly! This defence mechanism is painful as when the sharp quill enters you a barb opens up inside your skin preventing you from dislodging the quill.

Respect: A Porcupine person will show respect and expect to be treated with respect, especially when making a pact with one.

Myopia: Its poor eyesight restricts its ability to see a bigger picture and this myopia makes them see things in “black and white” – either good or bad – with no grey areas.

Innocence: This myopia, like a child who thinks it’s world is the whole world, creates an innocent, fun-loving nature, if not threatened.

Self-Protection: Porcupines are a reminder to not allow the barbs of others to affect you. Barbs come from an inability to have perspective and patience.

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