Guidance, Security, Inner Child, Intention and Focus, Protection

Guidance: The homing instincts of a Pigeon are unerring. Pigeons were used to send messages and money in times of peace and war. The Pigeon will guide one home – whether to one’s actual home or with inner guidance to one’s emotional home within one’s heart, one’s psychological home within one’s mind or one’s spiritual home within one’s soul.

Security: When one seeks to be “at home”, physically, emotionally, psychologically or spiritually, trust the Pigeon to bring you there securely and safely.

Inner Child: The Pigeon, representing home and family, brings one towards one’s inner child and makes one aware of the need to balance and create harmony in one’s life.

Intention and Focus: A Pigeon can travel over 500 miles a day as it sets its intention in its destination and with unerring focus achieves its objective time after time.

Protection: During a storm of nature, Pigeons group together in a huddle, seeking and giving group protection. In life there will also be storms of an emotional, psychological, financial, relationship, familial etc. nature. Seek the protection of a group, as a problem shared is a problem halved. Groups tend to see the issues at hand more clearly and with less individual ego protection than the individual concerned.

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