80. PIG

Personal Space, Justice, Routine, Intuition, Movement

Personal Space: Pig pens appear to be messy but the Pigsties are organised. Pigs object vehemently if things are moved around. They object to their personal space being invaded.

Justice: When Pigs are threatened, they become aggressive. When they have fear or distrust they exhibit behavioural problems. They have reasoning powers and either trust or mistrust with no “grey” areas in-between. They will not accept injustice of any kind.

Routine: Domestic Pigs require regular and punctual feeding times. They require stability, routine and consistency, otherwise they become emotionally distressed and this could lead to illness.

Intuition: The Pig is intuitive, responding swiftly on land and in water. Its bulk and speed create great strength. Its hearing is acute and it feels sound vibrations.

Movement: If a Pig appears to be charging towards you then it is time to stop thinking and start acting. If it waddles up to you, it is time to be still and to listen to the still small voice inside of you.

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