Respect, Out of Body Experience, Survival, Fatherhood

Respect: The Penguin conveys an attitude of respect and good manners. They walk upright, sometimes in several orderly lines. They look formal in their tuxedo-type black and white attire. They bow to each other on entering and leaving their homes. Those people with Penguin energy will have, or learn, mutual respect for themselves and others.

Out of Body Experience: Although the Penguin, as a bird, has wings, it cannot fly. However its skill lies in the water where it swims acrobatically. Water denotes emotion as well as the astral plane of life. By leaping out of the water and landing on its feet, the Penguin symbolises an out of body mystical experience. This is a much evolved spiritual act done in full consciousness and bodes well for those with Penguin energy.

Survival: The Penguin survives and thrives in harsh conditions. However it makes the most of its environment and has fun doing it. It teaches one to look for the lesson to grow spiritually rather than moving to easier climates without first persevering to survive, thrive and have fun.

Fatherhood: The male Penguin participates in the care and protection of the eggs. The father puts the eggs on his feet to avoid them touching the ice. He remains very stationary without eating for two months ensuring that the eggs are warmed by his feathers and protected by his feet. Once the egg is broken and the baby is hatched, the mother takes over the rearing. This feminine aspect of fatherhood is very powerful for men who have Penguin energy.

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