Self-Confidence, Healing, Noise, Clairvoyance, Being Regal

Self-Confidence: The peacock elevates his tail to attract the attention of the far less colourful female. The dazzling array of colourful tail feathers, mainly blue and green, with iridescent eyespots on each feather, is fanned out to draw attention to them. If a self-confidence boost is needed, imagine the peacock in you and show off your talents.

Healing: Peacock’s feathers are said to have healing qualities and when waved over ailing people are said to remove negative energy from them. People with Peacock energy have the potential to be powerful healers.

Noise: Peacocks have eerie and raucous calls. Their noisy calls belie their pretty feathers. It is said that their noisy calls serve to draw attention from their ungainly feet. Those with Peacock energy should be conscious of their feet which are the foundation of their personal support structure. Reflexology is indicated as a career for Peacock energy people.

Clairvoyance: The eyes on the feathers indicate that people with Peacock energy could be clairvoyant with the ability to see into the past and future.

Being Regal: The Peacock is regal in its stature and being proud of one’s achievements, whilst not showing off aggressively could help one’s self-confidence and well-deserved belief system.

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