Colour, Respect, Discernment, Feel Good Factor

Colour: The feathers of parrots come in an array of colours. For those with parrot energy, the study of these relevant colours will increase one’s self-awareness. The Parrot’s feathers are used as prayer sticks for powerful healing rites as they invoke the properties of colour and light and the sun’s energies. Colour and light therapies are old Indian healing remedies for people who are sick or injured. The Parrot teaches one about the power of light and colours. The Parrot creates happiness and light-heartedness. A Parrot can lift one’s mood and act as an anti-depressant.

Respect: The Parrot’s ability to mimic human voices enables it to be a bridge between the world of man and the world of nature. Human fondness and respect for the Parrot’s mimicking ability enables the Parrot to be a “human” representative of the animal kingdom. This representative of entrepreneurship in the realm of birds enables the Parrot to be an ambassador or diplomat for nature.

Discernment: Parrots can be vocal or silent, depending on the situation they are in. This ability to discern whether to speak, listen or simply be silent can be learnt by people with this energy.

Feel Good Factor: The Parrot is a “feel good” bird and it shows the magic of being alive and enjoying life.

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