Silence, Focus, Darkness, Power, Rebirth

Silence: The Panther operates in silence and stealth. It remains virtually invisible and then it strikes explosively. Those with Panther energy will find that their greatest power is silence as they pursue their goals. To be totally effective, one must keep one’s own counsel.

Focus: The Panther can rely on hundreds of muscles which it can use at will for the task at hand. Those with Panther energy can focus on which “muscles” to call upon in all and every sphere of their life, whether physical, mental, psychic or spiritual.

Darkness: The Panther’s greatest power surfaces at night. This is especially true of the Black Panther. The dark is associated with the feminine aspects of birth, death and rebirth. The Panther makes one with this energy face the shadow self and the dark and work through it and so deal with one’s fears.

Power: By facing one’s fears the Panther enables one to reclaim true power. The Panther in mythology aligns to bringing out the hero inside of one. It is likely that someone may arrive in one’s life as a mentor to guide one down the path of one’s true power so that one can discover the hero that lives inside of one.

Rebirth: This reclaiming of the true power inside of one enables one to be “reborn” as one grasps the opportunity with discipline, control and love of oneself to become all one can be.

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