75. OWL

Wisdom, Darkness, Secrecy, Flexibility

Wisdom: The Owl is mainly silent and it also attacks its prey in silence. The eyes of the Owl are large and face forward and are stationary. The Owl turns its heads as it cannot turn its eyes. Its excellent eyesight which is both microscopic and telescopic with exceptional night vision is matched by its excellent hearing ability. This gives people with Owl energy both clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. This wisdom of knowing the truth by unearthing what others try to hide, gives people with Owl energy the perception of being very wise.

Darkness: The Owl is a bird associated with the night. The night represents the darkness of going within to unearth one’s secrets. By working with one’s shadow self, one can unearth the dark side of one which needs to come into the light and be integrated into the whole person. One’s shadows will always be with one until one learns to deal with them and integrate them. The Owl will guide one from the darkness through to the light within.

Secrecy: The Owl operates silently and stealthily and is opportunistic. Owl people do not like others to know what they are really thinking. Owl people have the ability to extract other people’s secrets while guarding their own secrets. This can lead to difficulties in personal relationships as trust is not reciprocal. The silence of the Owl’s approach invites one to silently go about one’s business to achieve maximum success as well as to watch over family and possessions.

Flexibility: With its stationary eyes, the Owl utilises its neck to obtain flexibility to have a wide peripheral vision. People with Owl energy need to ensure total flexibility to obtain maximum vision of their life and relationships with others.

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