Feminine Energy, Playfulness, Curiosity, Good Attitude

Feminine Energy: The Otter’s connection to winter links it to the primal feminine energies of life. The mother Otter chases the father Otter out of their den when their young are born. Only once their young are “on their feet” is the father allowed to re-join them. However it is the mother who teaches them how to swim. This feminine energy defines the mothering role and boundaries of responsibilities. It is necessary to develop one’s feminine energies for a more well-balanced life, whether one is male or female.

Playfulness: The Otter is very playful, reminding one to always make time for play. One’s inner child needs attention. Leave the work for a while and go out and play. Be creative, have fun, laugh and enjoy.

Curiosity: The Otter is curious and interested in everything. It teaches one to explore things from all angles and to rekindle one’s childlike sense of adventure to find things interesting again.

Good Attitude: The Otter is an optimist and approaches everything in a spirit of fun, adventure, laughter, lightness and trust. Its presence in one’s life will help reduce one’s penchant for worrying and of finding pain in one’s negative attitude to life. The Otter teaches one to glide through life‘s ups and downs and to enjoy oneself in laughter, lightness and playfulness. The Otter approaches life with an attitude of abundance.

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