Attributes, Wisdom, Feathers, Assimilation, Protection

Attributes: The Ostrich is the largest bird but cannot fly. It has a long neck, long legs and two big two-toed feet. Its eyes are large and bigger than its brain. Upon provocation and to escape predators, it can run away at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.

Wisdom: With its groundedness and its long neck and long legs, an Ostrich connects the more ethereal realms with its wisdom and knowledge to the physical plane where this wisdom and knowledge can be used, practically. Those with Ostrich energy have great sight and insight and can provide wisdom and knowledge in a practical way.

Feathers: Ostrich feathers have been highly valued for hundreds of years. They were symbolic in Egyptian times of truth, justice, fairness and good judgement. Those with this energy know the truth of any situation due to sheer clairvoyant abilities.

Assimilation: Ostriches sometimes swallow stones to assist their digestive process. This symbolises acquiring knowledge and wisdom first and then assimilating them before acting in a grounded practical way.

Protection: The Ostrich is said to bury its head in the sand to portray denial of the obvious. It lowers its head by using its long neck as a protective measure for itself and its eggs. Those with this energy may want to become less visible and less vulnerable and protect themselves in some way.

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