Appearance, Pouch, Deception, Ingenuity, Emotional Stability

Appearance: The Opossum teaches us how to use appearances to deceive for one’s survival. Sometimes one needs to play dead like the Opossum to avoid a predator. Sometimes one must be fearful and sometimes one must appear fearless to survive.

Pouch: The Opossum is the only Marsupial in North America. The female has a pouch on its abdomen where the young, blind at birth, instinctively climb into to access the nipples which are within the pouch. The pouch represents hidden talents to be brought out when appearances need changing.

Deception: The Opossum also teaches us to be aware when others are being deceptive and to be alert to their tricks of deception.

Ingenuity: The Opossum, small in stature, shows one how to use brains instead of brawn to survive. Its creative thinking, ingenuity and problem solving techniques deliver a lesson on survival.

Emotional Stability: By changing its appearance when under threat the Opossum shows the emotional and mental stability of not panicking under stress. Instead it acts immediately in a practical manner to survive. It is not time for strategic confinements – instead it is time for action and self-empowerment now!

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