Agility, Exhaustion, Lack of Hearing, Survival

Agility:: With its eight legs an Octopus has unrivalled agility as there is no bone attached to its leg muscles. It can scramble through minute openings. If an Octopus loses a leg, it will regrow another. People with this energy have agility, flexibility and regenerative abilities.

Exhaustion:: The female Octopus lays thousands of eggs at a time. She remains in her den watching over her eggs. Her excessive breeding and limited ability to eat while constantly watching over her eggs exhausts the female Octopus. She generally dies before or soon after her eggs hatch.

People with Octopus characteristics are continually living in the transition cycle of life and death. They are often found in hospitals, working with the terminally ill.

Lack of Hearing:: Whilst having excellent eyesight they cannot hear at all. People with this energy often feel their inner voice but cannot hear or respond to this voice. The lesson for them is to focus on what they can do and to stop trying so hard to perfect their imperfections.

Survival: Octopuses are expert at camouflaging themselves into their surroundings. They also squirt black ink at predators to obscure visibility to facilitate their escape. Those with this energy can learn to move through life safely, secure in avoiding struggles.

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