Contradictory: Certain mice are fastidious about their own grooming and appearance, however, their homes are untidy. Those with mouse energy have contradictory behaviour, fastidious and focussed in attention in some areas and sloppy and untidy in other areas. This causes confusion and irritation to others dealing with mouse people.

Paranoid: Mouse people can have a paranoia not knowing whether to pay attention to the details or whether they are so focussed they can’t see the wood for the trees they can’t see the bigger picture. This frustration leads to scurrying around looking for things using up energy needlessly.

Timid: Being timid as a mouse is someone who is afraid of taking a step in case it is the wrong step. However, paying attention to detail rather than jumping to conclusions irrationally is important in certain livelihoods

Decisive: – Mouse energy tells you to look at the circumstances to determine whether you are paying too much attention to the details, unnecessarily, or too little detail, irresponsibly. Mouse energy is telling you to step back emotionally, detach yourself from the situation and decide if the energy being expended on this issue is worth it in the long run?

The message is Get A Life. Don’t take this issue so seriously that you are not enjoying your life or better take this issue more seriously so you can enjoy your life. When a mouse shows up in your life it’s time to take stock and decide what’s important to expend energy on and what’s draining you of energy and needs to be cut out.

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