Sacred: The moose represents a special, sacred gift of energy.

Contradictory: The moose can have a strong physical presence, however, it can camouflage itself completely. It holds the teachings of invisibility and the power of presence. It appears awkward and strange whilst being graceful and majestic. People with moose energy may find other people consider them to be contradictory.

Depth Perception: The moose is deceptive in its movements as its large size and apparent ungainliness is misleading. It moves silently and swiftly in its survival mode due to its excellent depth perception. Their accuracy in judging an area and how to negotiate its terrain easier and faster than others can be taught to moose people for their survival.

Feminine Energy: The moose is comfortable around water. Life comes from the sea and returns to the sea. The womb of femininity is the creation role. The mother moose is very protective of her calves. The moose represents the primal strength of feminine energy.

Spiritual: The moose has a strong sense of hearing and smell giving its clairvoyance and discernment creating spiritual understanding. The antlers of the male symbolize the crown chakra.

Exploration: A moose coming into your life invites you to discover your feminine, creative energies and new depths of awareness of self and your environment.

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