Life’s Purpose: The Mockingbirds beauty is in its song, having one of the best singing voices to rival that of the nightingale. The mockingbird teaches you to express yourself by looking inside you to find and express your inner talents, your inner voice. The mockingbirds dull appearance shows you no matter what you look like, sing your song. Find your life’s purpose by going within and expose that purpose, unafraid, as the mockingbird expresses itself, unafraid. Find your personal sound frequency for your healing on all levels.

Mimic: The mockingbird has a talent for mimicry, intimidating other birds, dogs and cats. This can be used as a defence mechanism to confuse and dissuade predators.

Languages: The mockingbird can teach you not to be afraid to learn new languages. This includes developing the knowledge of body language. With this ability to communicate, verbally and non-verbally, your success in life is more assured.

Courageous: The mockingbird will defend its nest by attacking predators, taking the fight to them, unafraid and courageously. They also live close to humans because they are unafraid.

Opportunistic: Mockingbirds have prominent white patches on their shoulders. While walking along it opens its wings, flashing the white patches. They reflect sunlight, unsettling insects in the vicinity which rise up and are snatched by the mockingbird.

Independent: Mockingbirds encourage you to be independent and opportunistic.

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