Opportunities: Magpies have great intelligence, adaptability and social organizations. They are scavengers and opportunists. Those with magpie energy are opportunistic and should be alert to any and all opportunities in every area of their life.

Eclectic: Magpies, as scavengers, have a reputation for stealing at will. They teach resourcefulness and how to succeed in life. Those with this energy are usually eclectic and can draw upon a variety of resources to assist them in their tasks.

Adaptability: Magpies teach opportunistic and adaptable behaviour. Their spontaneity and adaptability to current situations is one of their most valuable traits. People with magpie energy are generally varied generalists and not specialists in one proven skill.

Communication: Magpies are extremely vocal especially in groups. Those with this energy can use their voice effectively to gain attention, achieve goals and obtain respect from others.

Psychic: Magpies are associated with the occult world due to their black and white colouring and association with witchcraft. Once those psychic gifts have been fully developed those with this energy can use them to create a new and better life for themselves providing they use those gifts with pure intention and for service to mankind.

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