66. LOON

Counter Balance: The loon is a diving bird with a strong tapered bill, small pointed wings, webs between its front 3 toes and its legs placed far back on its body. Its adaptability in the water is counterbalanced by its difficulty of walking on land. Those with loon energy should focus on their strengths while acknowledging and accommodating their weaknesses, for example, by strengthening muscles, bones and joints and ensuring increased intake of calcium.

Diving: The loon can dive to a depth of 200 feet and can swim great distances underwater. The loons bones are solid unlike most other birds whose bones are filled with air. This increased bone density aids its ability to dive and stay underwater. It empties its lungs to dive and sink. This ability to dive below the surface of life, alter breathing patterns and plunge into the unknown subconscious of life will allow those with loon energy to experience altered states of consciousness providing an introspective ability to understand themselves better.

Dreaming: This ability to develop altered state consciousness allows for increased consciousness in the dream state. This, in turn, allows lucidity in dreaming to alter your dreams for more positive outcomes. This allows one with loon energy to learn to develop fully consciously out-of-body experiences to aid their spiritual growth.

Vocal: – The call of the loon is varied and distinctive implying strong communicative skills.

Parenting: With their nest a heap of vegetation at the shoreline both parents share the tasks of incubation. Both male and female energies need to be balanced with a collective goal in mind.

Flying: The loon is a good strong flyer but needs to run across water to achieve a lift off. It has tremendous energy and is not easily tired. It shows endurance and discovery. For those with loon energy go the full distance in your self-discovery, dive into your subconscious to unearth your true gifts.

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