Balance: Lizards have long tails which help them physically maintain balance and act as a defense mechanism. In a spiritual sense this balance is also seen in the ability of the lizard to enable its tail to come off as a defense mechanism that maintains its life in balance. This ability to detach, in this case its tail to come off as a defense mechanism, thus maintaining its life in the balance. This ability to detach, in this case its physical tail, is also potentially a life enhancing move. If you can detach yourself from potentially life threatening issues, and or people, then you can regain balance in your life. This ability to detach from your past will enable you to live, in balance, in the now.

Intuition: Most lizards have crested backs, ruffs or spines. They are protective mechanisms and spiritually the neck symbolizes the separation of the head from the body, the subconscious from the conscious. The chakras are symbolized by the spines and crests showing heightened awareness. The lizard senses vibrations through the ground, it has acute hearing and can sense the subtlest of movements. These attributes signify intuition and clairvoyance. Learn to trust your intuition.

Dreaming: The lizard is a cold blooded reptile and needs to bask in the sunlight. This stillness brings on the appearance of a dream state. Dreams deal with subconscious thoughts which manifest as reality in dreams. Pay attention to your dreams, deal with your fears manifested by your dreams and celebrate your good dreams. Your thoughts create your reality, thoughts also emerge in your dream state as well as in your awakened state.

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