64. LION

Mane : The male lion is regal in appearance with a beautiful mane surrounding its face. Having those good looks somehow entitles the male lion to be lazier than the female.

Female: The females do most of the hunting and rearing of cubs.

Stealth: The lions avoid fighting and confrontation. They attack via a co-operative hunting technique. The lions approach their prey with the male lion giving a frightening roar sending prey in the opposite direction towards the waiting female lions.

Community : Unusual for the members of the cat family, lions live in groups called prides. They hunt in groups and raise lion cubs to be carefree and fun loving. Those with lion energy need to look at their interaction within a group or within their communities.

Parenting: Male lions and lionesses are both patient and affectionate with their cubs. Those with lion energy should allow these attributes to come through in their parenting skills.

Fearlessness: Without much protection on the African plains, male lions appear fearless as they lie down appearing to be relaxing in fearlessness within sight of hunters. Those with lion energy should allow themselves to trust their instincts and relax long enough to understand this art of fearlessness and trust.

Strength: The lion represents inner strength of trust, instinct and knowing and the outer physical strength of size and sheer power, coupled with co-operative hunting techniques. Lions nobility and regal air is backed up by ability and execution.

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