Strength: Leopards are excellent at stalking their victims, or prey. They are silent, inconspicuous and move, virtually invisible, in and out of stalking positions without being seen by their prey.

Camouflage: The leopard has a rosette patterned coat of earth based colours camouflaging it against the background.

Whiskers : The leopards whiskers, as with all cats, have specialized sensory hair that register minute changes enabling them to avoid objects in the dark.

Tail: The leopards long dark tail hangs down from the tree where it rests. The tail represents sexuality and innate potential.

Water: Unlike most cats the leopard can exist in areas where water is scarce.

Mysterious : The leopard often hunts at night. Those with leopard energy understand the mysteries of the dark, the subconscious as well as their dark side, or shadow aspects of their inner selves.

Not Head On Conflict : Leopards kill by biting the back of the neck and do not attack from the front. Those with this energy would do well to learn to address conflict issues head on to bring resolution to long held resentment.

Tree Climber : The leopard uses its strength to carry its kill by the neck up into a tree to avoid other animals attacking its kill. Those with this energy may suffer from problems in the neck, skeleton, limbs and possibly even arthritis. They must learn to release anger and frustration to heal from those ailments.

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