Physical Symbolism: The kingfisher has a large head, a long and massive bill and a compact body. The large head indicates a large ego and the need to keep ones ego in balance is essential for growth. Their long massive bill requires the careful choice of words to avoid damage and their compact body represent the continual need for exercise and muscle toning of the body to support the large head and bill. Imbalance of the ego and spoken words need to be guarded against by people with this energy.

Solitary: The kingfisher is a solitary bird, which utters distinctive calls that are described as rattling or piping and carry a long way. Those with this energy have the clear and concise ability to express themselves as well as a need for their own sacred space.

Colouring: The female of the species has more colour than the male, this is unique amongst most birds. Females with this energy should strive even harder than males to balance their egos strong desire to dominate, especially when coupled with spoken words.

Boldness: Kingfishers dive headlong into water to feed off small fish. It is efficient, opportunistic and bold, creating new opportunities for its wellbeing and prosperity. Those with this energy do not have to fear diving into new avenues as prosperity will unfold in your life giving you what you need, not necessarily what you want.

Water: Kingfishers need water to survive and water is associated with the emotional body of man.

Coping: Kingfishers tunnel into banks alongside water to create holes in which to lay their eggs. Their babies come through these tunnels to the surface prepared for life. Parents with this energy generally provide their own children with the ability to have fun and to be prepared for a prosperous life.

Peace and Prosperity : The kingfisher is a long-time symbol of peace and prosperity. It has the promise of abundance, warmth and love. When growth is generous, prosperity on all levels is attained.

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