Past Life: The kestrel is the smallest bird in the falcon family. Falconry has been practiced for thousands of years and is still practiced today. A kestrel, or falcon, appearing in your life may encourage you to explore past life connections to that which is occurring in your life right now.

Hovering: A kestrel is unique in its ability to hover 20 feet above its prey, striking when it is perfectly ready. This requires great skill, manoeuvrability, patience, accuracy and timing. These skills are required to achieve most objectives that require precision in action.

Adaptability: Kestrels are found in the city and in the country, feeding off grasshoppers, mice, rodents, beetles and the occasional small bird. They hunt from a perch, moving from one vantage point to another, waiting, watching, listening before attacking their prey. Those with kestrel energy find the vantage point, high up where they have a wide ranging vision of all around them

Agility: Having kestrel energy implies a quiet, agile and graceful mind, efficiently, patiently striking with immaculate timing and precision in rapier like fashion to obtain what you desire and need.

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